Incorporated in 2003, Mercury has come a long way since its inception. It’s a name in the Indian textile industry to reckon with – Mercury is the ancient Roman god of the merchants and merchandise. Similarly in the Hindu religion, the planet Mercury is known as budh coincidently identified as the protector and god of merchants and merchandise. The naming of the new venture was no co-incidence. It was a calculated move. And ever since has been engraved in the company’s core values to churn out superlative produce to match up to our name.


It all started in the year 1950, just 3 years after India gained Independence, when Mr. R.L Sachdeva migrated to Ludhiana, India. Just like the Indian state, everything was also new, the people, the places, and the opportunities. Mr. R.L Sachdeva started off as a seller of hand dyed fabrics to household men and women in the city (since, India barely had any sort of development, there were no retail companies, brands or any sort of enterprise providing or catering to any, including basic human needs of the population).

Media & press

The expansion of the new manufacturing unit with a new venture into printing has caught the eye of the industry & customers alike. This has been possible only because of the highly qualified & commited workforce working round the clock. The various mentions across different forms of media have provided a better recognition & reach for Mercury as a global brand.