Hard work never goes unnoticed. Mercury has been recognized for its quality and dedicated service by the textile industry. We have been certified by leading fashion labels across the globe. Educational institutions too have recognized and certified us for our contribution to industrial education.


We strive to improve our processes and products and it shows through the various certifications awarded to us by leading fashion labels after passing their strict requisites.

3. Better Cotton Initiative partner
4. Nominated mill and accredited lab by M&S and H&M
5. Accredited partner – Birla cellulose
6. Accredited partner in co-creating LIVA – natural fluid fashion
7. Certificate of appreciation by Pearl Academy of Fashion – for contribution to learning


Excellence has always been awarded and it is the same with Mercury, We been showered with a lot accolades by eminent organizations of the industry for high quality and dedicated service.

1. Gold supplier for H&M
2. Excellence Award by Birla Cellulose
3. World’s Best Customer by Bianco
4. Excellence Award by The Institute of Economic Studies, presented by the Governor of Pondicherry.
5. Udyog Ratna Award by the Institute of Economic Studies to the Managing Director Mr. Tajinder Sachdeva